Video: Henry Bolton came to the South West on 13th December 2017

Here’s a video for members who couldn’t attend Henry Bolton’s recent meeting in the South West. Henry addressed a packed house of UKIP members in Tiverton on 13th December. The evening was a great success, and Tony McIntyre, SW Regional Chairman put in a lot of hard work to organise and present the event.

The video lasts about 25 minutes and includes highlights from Henry’s address. He forensically destroyed the Tory government’s abysmal performance on Brexit. He reminded us that UKIP is now truly our last hope of extracting ourselves from the EU’s iron grip and he reminded us that the Lib Dems won’t help; Labour is next to useless and the Tories are frankly weak and incompetent!

Henry also gave regional UKIP members an insight into his plans for UKIP’s future and how, under his leadership, our party will once again make its mark in British politics.

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