UKIP Working for You in Bath


Local referendums

 It is time to bring power back to the people.

Major decisions should be subject to binding local referendums and a local vote


Regain control over development

Our housing, education, health and social services cannot cope with constantly rising numbers of people coming to live and work here. The government is now riding roughshod over local people’s wishes with mass house building that has become a Developers’ Charter without the new services and infrastructure to go with it


Prioritising services for local people

We must end benefit and health tourism and give priority to local people for housing, education, health and social services.

In planning, the local people’s opinions should be respected and not overruled


Moving government closer to the people

We will provide incentives to encourage enterprise; attract jobs and reinvigorate town centres and local high streets. We will continue to fight to save our countryside and green spaces and we will ensure local people and veterans are prioritised for social housing. UKIP believe in real devolution and real local decision-making. We are concerned that this Government’s public sector reform agenda undermines local communities instead of empowering them 

Spending our money at home

The UK continues to give the EU £55 million gross every day and the Foreign Aid budget is more than £12.2 billion of which only £3 billion is used wisely in real foreign aid (such as water, inoculations and disaster relief). The rest is wasted. The three old parties think that this is good use of your money. Whilst at home, care for the elderly and most vulnerable is being reduced, services are being cut; health, policing and roads are being run down. UKIP believes that the money should be spent at home on the people’s priorities, not abroad

 Fighting crime and rural crime

Britain’s communities suffer from an unacceptable level of crime and anti-social behaviour. We should overhaul the system to make sentences meaningful, rehabilitate offenders, deport foreign criminals, free up the police from excessive form filling and tackle nuisance neighbours and anti-social behaviour


UKIP looks forward to the 2019 Council elections in Bath & North East Somerset 

Meanwhile UKIP will continue working hard for local communities all over the UK

You can download our full 2017 Local Manifesto here