Tories Failing Bath and Keynsham Commuters

Latest Tory government plans to ditch electrification of the railway line between Cardiff and Swansea do not look good for commuters in Bath, Keynsham and the South West.

The Tory government wants to give very low priority to improving Bath and North East Somerset’s local transport links but it still thinks it is an excellent idea to waste large sums of taxpayers’ money on the unnecessary £55 billion HS2 rail project, which UKIP has pledged to end.

What Bath commuters need urgently, is electrification of the railway line between Bath and Bristol. We see no justification to waste money on HS2, which UKIP views as a flawed EU vanity project. The money saved could be better spent on upgrading the Bath to Bristol railway line.

The Tories are unashamedly treating Bath as a “Cinderella” constituency. Our local rail commuters urgently need an affordable, comfortable, reliable and efficient rail service between Bath, Bristol and London. Our local railway services are desperate for improvement.

Tory local transport policy is a disgrace.