Do you live in the Bath & North East Somerset area?
Do you feel passionately about local issues?
Do you long for a return to common sense politics?
Do you support UKIP’s aims and objectives?

UKIP is always looking for people willing to put themselves forward to become a local UKIP MP or councillor. UKIP is the only mainstream political party that doesn’t ‘whip’ its local councillors or MPs.

What this means is that UKIP councillors can govern in the interests of the people they represent, rather than simply pushing forward with an agenda set by a central party.

This unique position means that UKIP councillors will be able to work more effectively for their community than any Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat councillor.

UKIP’s core principles for local government include:

  • An end to council wasteful spending
  • An end to inflated salaries of council executives
  • The opposition of wind farms
  • Protecting our countryside and green belt
  • Regeneration of our local economies & businesses
  • A common sense approach to transport

If you feel you have what it takes we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing our Branch Chairman, Philip Evans on (or contact him by phone on 07775 840668) to arrange a personal visit or informal chat.