Local Contact List

Bath UKIP Contacts

Do you have a local issue that you would like to discuss with UKIP? Would you like some more information about UKIP’s work in our constituency?  Please feel free to contact us in the first instance using the contact form on this website, or use the most appropriate address below:

General Enquiries: info@bathukip.org.uk (or by phone on 07914 242666 – 24/7 voicemail)

Branch Chairman: Philip Evans chairman@bathukip.org.uk (or by phone on 07775 840668)

Branch Secretary: Steve Grimes secretary@bathukip.org.uk 

Branch Treasurer: Michael Stanley treasurer@bathukip.org.uk

Membership: Contact our Membership Secretary on: membership@bathukip.org.uk

Press and Media Enquiries: Please contact our Branch Chairman

Fundraising and Donations: Please contact our Branch Treasurer 

Website & Social Media Enquiries: Please contact our webmaster on: webmaster@bathukip.org.uk