Leaving the European Union

The referendum on EU membership would never have happened without UKIP.  

On 23rd June 2016, 44,352 people in Bath & North East Somerset voted to leave the European Union, which contributed to the 52% majority of 17.4 million voters who voted unequivocally to leave. This was a policy aim that UKIP had been fighting to achieve. The clock is now ticking. The UK invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on March 29th 2017 and gave two years notice that Britain is officially leaving the EU. Time runs out on April 29th 2019. The UK will then automatically leave the EU (unless all EU members agree on a different timetable). Only then can we celebrate the United Kingdom becoming a truly self-governing nation once again. 

UKIP’s determination threw the political establishment into confusion. Now that the country has spoken, UKIP is fighting to make sure Britain becomes a free, democratic and successful country again.

There is still work for us to do.  One of our key aims is to make certain that the government respects and implements the will of the people. We are calling on all politicians to accept the result of the referendum. The priority now is to take back control and regain our sovereignty.

If the establishment conspires to obstruct the will of the people, UKIP will do everything in our power to force the Conservative government to deliver.

In the last ever (2014) European elections; the UK Independence Party topped the polls in the South West England constituency securing 484,184 votes, well ahead of the Conservatives in second place with 433,151. The UK Independence Party currently has two seats in the South West England constituency, which runs from Cornwall to Gloucestershire and also includes Gibraltar. Our constituency MEPs are William Dartmouth and Julia Reid. The United Kingdom is now expected to regain its independence and sovereignty before the next scheduled EU elections take place in 2019. UKIP is delighted that we are unlikely to be involved in them.  

In Bath and North East Somerset, the UK Independence Party took 12,513 votes in 2014, well ahead of the Green Party (8,210), Labour (7,591). The Liberal Democrats, who then ran Bath and North East Somerset Council lagged behind in last place.  

Thank you for voting UKIP in Bath and North East Somerset!


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