20 mph zones led to rise in number of road deaths but now too costly to reverse, Bath & North East Somerset council admits

Tory controlled Bath and North East Somerset Council spent £871,000 of local taxpayers’ money bringing in 13 new speed zones  last year. But one year on, according to an article today, the rate of people killed or seriously injured in those zones has gone up in seven out of those 13 new 20 mph zones. 

But despite our council’s concluding that there is “little in the way of persuasive argument for continuing the programme in the future”, deputy leader Patrick Anketell-Jones had confessed that there simply isn’t the money available to reverse the 20 mph zones. 

It cost over £800,000 to roll out the 20 mph zones and it would probably cost the same to reverse them. Bath & North East Somerset Council has not got the money to do that, so the dangerous 20 mph zones are likely to stay in place for the foreseeable future. 

UKIP believes the war on the motorist has gone too far. It is high time patronising environmentalists and public health lobbyists stopped their incessant attacks on the already over-taxed motorist. Their ideas are patently dangerous and they can’t even demonstrate that they actually work. 

Full details in the Telegraph here 

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